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How to speak with an American accent

Nic Cianfrogna american accent training
  • American accent training online via Skype or face-to-face in New York City, United States.

  • One-to-One

  • Designed around you and your needs

  • 55 min sessions (discount available for a package of 5 sessions)

What people say about Nick's coaching...

Client Testimonial for Nick Cianfrogna how to speak american accent


“Nick is a great speech coach. I wanted to know how to get an American accent fast. I've made great improvements in my speech thanks to my private sessions with him. He's patient and has great attention to your individual voice. He makes you work hard, and after each session I felt stronger.

Client Testimonial for Nick Cianfrogna american accent origin

Aimee Francis

Director of Curriculum and Conservatory Affairs

Molloy College CAP21/BFA Program

“Nick Cianfrogna is an exceptional teaching artist.  He wants the best from each of his students and teaches with precision and passion.  His students surprise themselves with the tremendous growth they achieve under Nick’s extraordinary instruction.  Nick is truly an expert in his field and shares his expertise and knowledge with his students in a very accessible way.



Get an American English accent

If English is your second language and you want to speak English with a neutral American accent then this is the course for you.

After an assessment, Nick will guide you through the vowels and consonants, American English words, word stress patterns and aspects of connected speech and intonation that will get you speaking American English with more clarity, ease and confidence.

Who is an American pronunciation course for?

Whilst these American accent classes for how to get rid of your accent when speaking English are perfect for non-native speakers, they can help native speakers who wish to soften their accent towards General American English (Neutral American English). This is also the perfect American accent training for actors. It is also a perfect American accent training for actors. Participants must have a medium to good level of spoken English and be over 18.

How does it work?

arrow in target american english words

Identify where you're going wrong and how to change.

upward arrow in blue circle english to american

Improve your ability to notice what others do and imitate them accurately. You'll then be able to accelerate your learning and make long lasting progress.

tick in a box and an empty white box american pronunciation

Clarify patterns for word and sentence stress. Learn the role of weak forms and the schwa to perfect the rhythm of Neutral American English.

trophey in blue circle how did the american accent develop

Achieve greater fluency, ease and confidence with individualised and easy to follow american accent exercises.

cartoon picture of brain american vs english words

Increase your awareness and get control of how to use it in live conversation. If helpful, you can learn American accent phonetics

blue speech bubble behind a white one how to do an american accent

Integration into Live Conversation - the course focuses on the kind of situations where you most need these skills making the course truly bespoke. 

Who will be coaching me?


This course is coached by associate Nick Cianfrogna. To find out more about Nick click here.

Nick Cianfrogna american accent audio
cartoon picture of a book learn american english

What materials will we use?​


Nick is in the process of co-writing an American accent book with Ashley. But until it's ready you'll use books recommended by Nick and his american accent guide, which comes with accompanying audio for practice between sessions and after the course.

2 Ways to Study American accent classes

American Accent Training Online
via Skype

Skype is just as effective as face to face classes, so Nick can help you where ever you're based. Nick has coached American accent lessons globally.

computer in red circle american accent training for actors
silhouette of a person accent coach nyc


American Accent Classes

Nick offers a face-to-face American accent course in NYC, United States.

When can I start?

Which days and times?

Start this course right now and have classes as frequently as you want.

Nick coaches Monday to Friday 7.45am to 9pm EDT and Saturdays 8.30 to 1pm EDT

How much?

Make an enquiry below.

How do I book?

Send an enquiry to Nick...

Thanks! Nick will get back to you within 48hrs.

What other people say about Nick's coaching...

Pam Phillips, DNA

Author of Singing For Dummies 2003 2nd Ed. 2011

Singing Exercises For Dummies 2012

“Nick Cianfrogna is THE choice for American accent coaching. I’ve watched him work miracles with hundreds of clients. You’ll know which sounds you need to change and exactly how to practice on your own to polish that new accent.”


Client Testimonial for Nick Cianfrogna american accent coach london


"What’s obvious about Nick in and out of the classroom is how passionate he is about his craft. As a student, it’s infectious to be around such dedication— it inspires me to work harder."


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