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British Accent Training Book

British Accent Training

Comprehensive British Accent Training Online

This British accent training book has 324 pages. It comes with 12+ hrs of audio. It covers British vowel and consonant pronunciation; word, syllable and sentence stress; linking sounds, elision, contractions etc; weak and strong forms; rhythm and pitch; phrasing; intonation for questions, statements, commands etc; and how to express feeling and convey emotion in English. Plus loads more...

TESTIMONIAL - Luka Alagić Speech and Language Therapist

"The Roadmap training is very impressive! As a speech and language therapist myself I was familiar with different articulation and pronunciation manuals and books. However, English Pronunciation Roadmap is so much more.

First of all, it explains how to produce each sound through the simplified anatomical picture which allows you to visualize the necessary tongue, lips, teeth, and lower jaw position. Secondly, it specifies types of pronunciation mistakes and provides you with specific exercises to correct them. Every exercise is accompanied with an audio file which allows you to hear correct or even incorrect pronunciation of words and sentences. Lastly, the entire Roadmap training is designed as a tool to help everyone achieve their language goals."

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