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the natural voice


A 6 weekend course in Stroud from September 2024

to April 2025 that will free the full expressive range, depth, power and clarity of your spoken voice

Iris Warren, Kristin Linklater and Ashley Howard

Freeing The Natural Voice is a voice method for anyone who wants to work on their spoken voice and was originated by pioneering voice coach Iris Warren in the 1930s. Iris changed the shape of voice work in the UK by asserting that voice is psychophysical; it is as much a psychological phenomena as it is physiological. She was interested in freeing the person through their voice not just liberating the instrument. In the early 60s her protégé Kristin Linklater took Iris's work to America, where it is now revered at the preeminent approach to training the spoken voice.


Kristin's 60 year career saw her publication of Freeing The Natural Voice and training of over 200 designated Linklater teachers worldwide, of which Ashley Howard, the voice coach leading this course, is one. Ashley has been teaching for 18 years, and became a designated Linklater teacher 13 years ago. He has a global private practice and is also the head of voice at the world-renowned actor training conservatoire, The Oxford School Of Drama. This course with Ashley takes you through the complete Linklater progression, freeing your full expressive range, depth, clarity and connection so that you feel confident when you speak.

Beautiful young woman meditating in Savasana pose on floor close up, practicing yoga at gr

to free the voice is to free the person

Weekend One

Freeing the body, breath and vibration

Physical Awareness

The spine, the support of the natural breathing ... a tree

Experience your body freer of unwanted tension, balanced and aligned, with a centred breath and vibration that begins to wake up and flow through the body.

Breathing Awareness

Freeing the breath, the source of sound ... the air

The Touch Of Sound

Initial vibrations ... pool of water

Freeing Vibrations

Lips, head, body ... river of sound

Weekend Two

Freeing the jaw, tongue, soft palate

Freeing the Channel: Jaw

Jaw awareness and relaxation, getting rid of tension ... prison gate or open door

Freeing the Channel: Tongue

Tongue awareness, stretching, loosening, releasing ... story-teller

Freeing The Channel: Soft Palate

Opening and limbering the soft palate ... space

Experience freedom and looseness in your jaw, tongue and soft palate, getting rid of the gatekeepers so as to liberate your full voice.

closeup of woman and man on yoga class exercises breathing technique healthy lifestyle con

the thought moves the breath

the breath moves the body

Weekend Three

Opening the throat and freeing deep resonance

The Spine and the Channel

Connection ... source, journey, destination

Experience the depth and resonance of your voice, feeling it reverberate from your belly through a wide open throat and out, filling the space with ease.

Throat Awareness

The open throat ... chasm

Developing and Strengthening

Finding resonance, chest, mouth, teeth ... purple, blue, yellow

Releasing the Voice from the Body

Calling, triads, the rainbow

Breathing Power

Diaphragm, intercostals, pelvic floor ... breathing gym

Sensitivity and Strength

Enlivening and strengthening impulses ... free weights

Weekend Four

Freeing your full breath capacity

Experience your full breathing power and stamina, finding more ease and consistency in your voice without effort. 

Smiling mindful young man sitting on mat at training listening to friends talking before c

the mind is reluctant to embrace deep change,

and will play devious games to maintain the status quo

Weekend Five

Freeing your full range, flexibility and dynamism

Sinus Resonators

Middle of the face, middle range ... the road out

Experience the strength, freedom and total expressive range of your voice, projecting with ease and flow in all situations.

Nasal Resonators

Carrying power ... mountain peak

Skull Resonators

High intensity ... playing the dome


Three to four octaves ... from basement to attic

Weekend Six

Freeing the clarity and connection of your speech

Articulating the Voice into Words

Consonants and vowels - voice joints

The Impulse to Speak, Clarity of Thought and Intention 

Unlocking words, connection, affecting the listener 

The Complete Linklater Progression

45min voice workout

The Next Step

Autonomy and self practice

Convey your words, feelings and ideas with clarity of speech, clarity of thought and clarity of intention. Speak with depth, power, sensitivity and connection.

Close up sincere smiling young african ethnicity mixed race woman holding yoga mat in hand

to strengthen the voice

we strengthen the power

of the originating impulse


the natural voice

Taster Workshops

Try a 3hr practical taster workshop with a QnA about the full course


Sat 22nd June 2.30pm - 5.30pm - FULL

Sat 29th June 2.30pm - 5.30pm - 5 spaces left

Sun 7th July 9.30am - 12.30pm - FULL



£45 (per taster workshop)

Full 6 Weekend Course

6 weekends including between weekend audio recordings for practice as well as written breakdowns of the work and 3 x 1hr group zoom check-ins


21st-22nd September

12th-13th October

30th November and 1st December

11th-12th January

1st-2nd March

5th-6th April


Saturdays 9-12.30pm and 1.30-4.30pm | Sundays 9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-4pm



£990 (VAT exempt) 9 of 12 places left


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