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Ashley Howard


Ashley Howard is a native British voice and communication coach based in Gloucestershire, UK.


He has an MA in Voice Studies from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2006)

He is also a designated Linklater Voice Teacher (2012).


With 15 years experience, Ashley now leads a hugely successful private practice. He has delivered coaching solutions to individuals and companies nationally and internationally from both the public and private sectors.


These include those in media, government, law, academia, medicine, advertising, marketing and consultancy.

Ashley has coached leading IT scientists, teachers, academics and senior research scientists, consultants and doctors, politicians, accountants and has worked with companies and organisations such as Microsoft, DLA Piper, SKY, HSBC, Barclays Bank, Prudential, BT, the BBC, Tisski, The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, Kaspersky, Service Source, Skill Net, Cisco.

Ashley has worked in partnership with Park Sims Associates and Flying Fish Consulting on various in-house courses for Senior Executives from Speedo and Welcome Break / Days Inn and has also designed and led numerous workshops at a variety of universities and schools, both for students and teachers.

Ashley leads an extremely popular and vastly expanding Accent Reduction and Business English service, which he offers face to face, online via Skype and in-house.


He has coached a wide range of individuals from many nationalities, including French, German, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Nigerian, Kenyan, South African, American, Canadian, Argentinian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese, as well as a great many regional British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh speakers.


Book Cover of British English Pronunciation Roadmap by Ashley Howard

And in 2015 Ashley's first book was published: British English Pronunciation Roadmap: A Clear Path To Clear Speech (Edwin Publishing and Media Limited: 2015) along with a new, dedicated website with video blog posts, free downloads and much more. Have a look:

What clients say about Ashley...

Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard Voice Coach

Katherine Kyle Entrepreneur

“We worked through a series of eye opening exercises, and it really got me to look at words in a whole new way. I learned so much... After a few sessions I had made a massive improvement. I can now look at a piece of writing and know that I can speak it confidently, with emphasis, enthusiasm and authority. Working with Ashley has given me the confidence to do regular promotional videos for my business, webinars and a lot more public speaking, which is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Ashley to anybody as he is truly the best at what he does. When you get started, you'll see what I mean.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard Voice Coach

Luke Cascone Engineering Student

“I just wanted to let you know the profound effect it has had on my life. The confidence brought about from working together, and the realisation that I have the ability to change and improve things about myself, that I thought were fixed, has been huge. Not only can I now speak confidently and clearly, but my outlook towards the world has changed for the better - so thank you.” 





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