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What are elocution lessons?



Looking to improve your speaking skills? Wondering what elocution lessons are? Elocution lessons are designed to help individuals improve their pronunciation, intonation, and overall communication skills. These lessons can be tailored to your individual needs and may cover topics such as vocal projection, tone and speech clarity.


Elocution meaning 'speak out' in Latin used to be about speaking in a 'socially acceptable' way. It is not about changing or modifying your accent or speaking with correct pronunciation (whatever that is?!). That is accent reductionA more modern elocution definition is to help people to feel confident and develop effective communication skills through work on clear speech and pronunciation.

What is the best age for elocution lessons?

The best age for elocution lessons varies depending on the individual's goals and needs. While some believe it's never too early or late to start, others recommend starting as early as possible to build a strong foundation. Factors to consider when choosing the right age for elocution lessons include the individual's cognitive and developmental stage, speech challenges, and overall goals. Consult with a qualified instructor to determine the best age to start elocution lessons for you or your child.

Are elocution lessons worth it?

Are elocution lessons worth it for public speaking? Many people find that elocution lessons are highly beneficial for improving speaking skills, building confidence, and making a positive impression. Factors to consider include the cost, frequency of lessons, and instructor experience. To determine if elocution lessons are right for you, schedule a consultation with a qualified instructor and explore options for public speaking coaching.

  • Learn specific pronunciation issues with spoken English


  • Vowels and consonants, and difficult words and phrases

  • Using pitch, emphasis and rhythm in speech

  • Learning how to be clear in conversation

  • Articulation exercises

  • And elocution tutor will help you learn to sound confident and communicate with vocal impact

  • Improve the clarity of your voice and speech at your own pace

  • Getting your ideas across using dialectic tactics

  • Authenticity, presence, personal connection and rapport with your listeners​

  • Learning clarity, articulation, definition and fluency

Your elocution tutor...

Ashley Howard

Ashley Howard

Professional Voice Coach

  • MA Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

  • Ashley is an experienced tutor having taught for 15+ years coaching individuals of all positions in many businesses and organisations: BBC, Microsoft, Cisco, Barclays, Prudential, DLA Piper etc...

  • Published author and mentor

How do English elocution lessons work?
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In your first elocution lesson Ashley will listen and identify your specific voice, speech and communication

characteristics using a modern speech science approach.

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Knowing what you do and how you do it is the empowering and puts you in charge of your habits. 

Clear Speech

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Discover how to speak clearly so that every word you say is heard and understood. And if English is your second language, learn which words may be confusing your listener and how to change them.

Video Screen with Silhouette of person elocution definition

Imitation and Repetition

Sometimes you have to be shown what to do and how to do it until the new skills become familiar and habitual. Ashley patiently guides you towards establishing the new techniques teaching your how to integrate your knew skills.

Pitch, Rhythm and Emphasis

Music Notation suggesting elocution lessons near me

You are helped to notice your own intonation patterns (the use of pitch and rhythm in the creation of meaning) and what a difference shifting these will have in helping you to communicate yourself more simply and directly.

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Confidence and Impact

Elocution tuition helps you discover the source of your confidence and how to think clearly with dialectical savvy, so that you speak with impact.

What students say about Ashley's
speech and elocution lessons

Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard elocution training

Jane Gray, Master NLP practitioner, coach and licensed DICS Trainer

“Ashley's knowledge and obvious passion for this craft inspired and motivated me to give 100% effort during our sessions. I was thrilled to have a tool box of techniques which I could use in terms of breathing, emphasis and pace. I found that not only is Ashley a brilliant voice coach, he is also a thoroughly lovely man who I would reservation.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard elocution tutor

Alessandro S, IBM Research, Italian

“I wanted to get ride of my native accent so I googled elocution tutors. Our lessons started with the basic sounds of the English language, followed by words, sentences intonation and stress. Every step of the way, Ashley was able to point out mistakes, sometimes very subtle ones, (I was often surprised by his ability to detect them over Skype!) and make me understanding how to produce the correct sounds and intonation. I found our sessions extremely helpful.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard elocution lessons bristol

Dr Jayaram, Consultant Psychiatrist Indian

“It has been an absolute pleasure being a student of Ashley's over the last few months to enhance my speaking capabilities and modulate my accent. I was quite impressed by his professionalism right from the start. It would be a delight to work with him again.” 


2 Ways to Study Elocution Lessons

Computer Screen suggesting elocution exercises
Elocution Lessons Online via Zoom

He offers online elocution classes through Zoom, and it is very effective. Coaching online via Zoom works in exactly the same way as coaching face-to-face. Through Zoom, he has coached speech and elocution lessons nationally and internationally.

Silhouette of person taking elocution lessons online free
Elocution Classes Face To Face

He offers face-to-face elocution classes in Stroud, which is in Gloucestershire, England, UK. If you are unsure about committing to elocution training, he can recommend elocution books and elocution software.

Enquire Now

Thanks for your enquiry. I'm very busy at present but I'll be in touch within 72hrs. Thanks for your patience.

As an elocution coach, I have coached people from 98 countries...

From cities and regions like...

UAE, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Kenya, Hungry, China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa etc...

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Moscow, Colombo, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and closer to home places like Manchester, London, Gloucestershire, Kent, Brighton, Surrey, Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Essex, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Sheffield and many more.

Ashley's elocution course success stories

Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard elocution coach

Katherine Kyle Entrepreneur

“We worked through a series of eye opening exercises, and it really got me to look at words in a whole new way. I learned so much... After a few sessions I had made a massive improvement. I can now look at a piece of writing and know that I can speak it confidently, with emphasis, enthusiasm and authority. Working with Ashley has given me the confidence to do regular promotional videos for my business, webinars and a lot more public speaking, which is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Ashley as an elocution teacher to anybody as he is truly the best at what he does. When you get started, you'll see what I mean.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard elocution lessons for adults

Luke Cascone Engineering Student

“I just wanted to let you know the profound effect it has had on my life. The confidence brought about from working together, and the realisation that I have the ability to change and improve things about myself, that I thought were fixed, has been huge. Not only can I now speak confidently and clearly, but my outlook towards the world has changed for the better - so thank you.” 


Have you realised that

you're actually more interested in...

Accent Reduction

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Accent Reduction coaching helps you to reduce your accent towards a Standard Southern British English accent or a Neutral American English accent.

Public Speaking Skills

Megaphone suggesting elocution online

Public Speaking and presentation skills coaching helps you to be a more engaging, dynamic and confident speaker. Whether it's in meetings, presentations, public speeches or on video.


If your company or organisation uses English as it's main language for communication, clear speech is vital for building good relationships, having effective meetings and inevitably for profitability.


Ashley has designed and lead bespoke courses for individuals and groups at various locations throughout the UK and abroad as well as online via Skype.

Reach out to discuss your needs.

Find out about the

Clear Speech Courses

for Multi-National Companies

Not sure what you want? Contact Ashley


What are elocution lessons? How much are elocution lessons? What days and time to you teach? Can you really help me? If your are interested in finding out more about elocution courses or elocution lessons online, for either personal or professional reasons, please call or send Ashley an email.

He can also recommend elocution books and elocution software to help you get started. He also has a blog, where you will find elocution exercises, advice, help, free lessons, books, audio exercises, techniques and elocution tips.

Ashley is not a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who deal with pathological speech conditions or functional differences. Elocution tutors work on everything else.

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