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Start your voice coaching journey

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Elocution Lessons

Perfect your enunciation and articulation to communicate more clearly and confidently. Tailored elocution lessons help you refine your speech for both personal and professional settings.

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Learn to captivate and engage your listner/s with my comprehensive public speaking programs. From overcoming stage fright to mastering delivery techniques. As a voice coach, I'll help you become a compelling speaker.

           Speaking Coach

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Accent Reduction Classes

Have everyone understand you first time every time. Accent reduction classes give you control over your pronunciation and intonation in English so that you're never asked to repeat yourself again.

Accent Coaching

As an actor, you want to sound natural and believable in an accent and dialect. Whether it's for last minute self-tapes, help during rehearsals or broadening your range of accents, I'll get you sounding like a native.

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Voice Coaching

Breathe from your belly and get a deeper and more resonant voice that everyone can hear without straining or pushing from your throat. Reclaim your voice, learn how to training your voice and speak with ease and confidence.

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