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What is accent and dialect coaching for actors?

An accent coach (also know as a dialect coach or a dialogue coach) is vital if you're struggling with an accent or dialect. Our instinct for imitation or mimicry is innate, and in the same way that we acquire language through observation, play and repetition, it is these same skills that need to be rehabilitated and heightened in the quest for accent acquisition.

Most actors are keen observers and most know how to play, but an accent and dialect scares some actors, who claim that they haven't got an ear for accents, that they just can't hear the differences, and if they can, they claim not to be able to take them on.


This is what accent and dialect coaching can help you achieve - being able to feel the physical differences in shape and quality, tuning in to the rhythm and melody and sensitising your listening.

Who needs a dialect coach?

Whether you're working on a play, film or tv production, voice over or radio production, preparing for an audition, or just want to refine and broaden your accent and dialect skills, Ashley can help you develop more confidence, ease and accuracy with an accent.

Accent classes can help you learn about...

  • Background information - social, cultural, economic, geographic, historic...

  • Sound Placement

  • Tonal quality

  • Typical facial and articulation habits

  • Rhoticity

  • Vowels and consonants

  • Melody and rhythm

  • Character implications - age, location, upbringing, education, status, profession...

Which accents can I learn?

Learn any accent. Ashley is a British accent coach but coaches many dialects, many more than just British dialects.  

Ashley Howard

Who will coach me?

Ashley Howard MA

  • MA Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

  • 15+ Years experience coaching individuals of all positions in many businesses and organisations: Microsoft, Cisco, Barclays, Prudential, DLA Piper etc...

  • Published author and mentor

Professional Voice Coach

What other clients say about Ashley...

“I wanted cockney accent training. Ashley Howard is a great teacher and coach. His way of teaching puts you at ease and motivates you to bring out honesty and sincere sounds and feelings. His observation and analysis of ones vocal instrument is very shrewd. He pinpoints exactly on what has to be worked on personally. Likewise, he has a deep knowledge of how to become a better actor.” 


Allan Devolder


“I worked one-on-one with Ashley while preparing Oberon in "Dream". He was absolutely terrific. The accent I was to use was RP. I speak Standard North American and do not have a facility for other accents but thanks to Ashley I was able to acquit myself admirably in the role. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to gain an in-depth knowledge of how their vocal instrument works.” 


Alejandro Alvarez, Actor

How do accent classes for actors work?
arrow in dart board accent coach

Assessment - Ashley identifies your specific vocal habits and sets out how to change them.

magnifying glass british dialects

Develop Awareness - knowing what you do and how you do it is the empowering and puts you in charge of your habits. 

music notes dialect coach

Resonance and Power - you are helped to notice the natural resonance of your voice and how to develop more depth and power.

speech bubbles in red circle british accent coach

Confidence and Impact - discover the source of your confidence and how to think clearly so that you speak with impact.

a b c building blocks accent and dialect

Clear Speech - Discover how to speak clearly so that every word you say is heard and understood. And if English is your second language, learn which words may be confusing your listener and how to change them.

id card in red circle accent coach london

Text and Character -

learn how to breath life into your character's words and actions by connecting the text with your voice and your body.

2 Ways to Study dialect classes
computer in red circle accent classes london
Accent Coach Online
via Skype

He offers online Accent and Dialect coaching through Skype, and it is very effective. Coaching online via Skype works in exactly the same way as coaching face-to-face. Through Skype, he has coached accent and dialect classes nationally and internationally.

silhouette of person accent classes
Dialect Classes Stroud

He offers face-to-face accent and dialect classes in Stroud, which is in Gloucestershire, England, UK. If you are unsure about committing to accent classes, he can recommend books and software.

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I have coached people from 98 countries...

From cities and regions like...

Poland, Spain, UAE, Mexico, Kenya, Hungry, China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa etc...

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Moscow, Colombo, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and closer to home places like Manchester, London, Kent, Brighton, Surrey, Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Essex, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Sheffield and many more.

Want to find out more? Contact Ashley


If your are interested in finding out more about dialect coach rates for actors, please call or send Ashley an email and he'll chat through how he can help, as well as discussing his fees and availability.

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