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Sound confident.

Communicate clearly.

Captivate everyone.

With 18 years experience, an MA in Voice Studies and a global client base, start your voice journey with internationally acclaimed                      Ashley Howard and speak the way that you've always wanted to speak.

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Unlocking voices for 18 years

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Start your voice coaching journey

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Elocution Lessons

Perfect your enunciation and articulation to communicate more clearly and confidently. Tailored elocution lessons help you refine your speech for both personal and professional settings.

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Learn to captivate and engage your listner/s with my comprehensive public speaking programs. From overcoming stage fright to mastering delivery techniques. As a voice coach, I'll help you become a compelling speaker.

           Speaking Coach

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Accent Reduction Classes

Have everyone understand you first time every time. Accent reduction classes give you control over your pronunciation and intonation in English so that you're never asked to repeat yourself again.

Accent Coaching

As an actor, you want to sound natural and believable in an accent and dialect. Whether it's for last minute self-tapes, help during rehearsals or broadening your range of accents, I'll get you sounding like a native.

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Voice Coaching

Breathe from your belly and get a deeper and more resonant voice that everyone can hear without straining or pushing from your throat. Reclaim your voice, learn how to training your voice and speak with ease and confidence.

Not sure what you need?

Trusted by professionals worldwide

Working at home

Why choose me?

18 years of experience

I know what I'm doing and I've got an MA in Voice Studies to prove it. I've coached thousands of people from all around the world, from all industries and from all levels of seniority. I know immediately what to work on and how so you get quick and long lasting results.

You get really seen and heard

I'm not a big company with endless associates trying to build a business empire. I care about voice work and the people I coach. Get my full, personalised attention, direct communication and accountability.

Coaching on your terms

No generic courses with a set number of sessions that have to be taken in a fixed time period. Get as many voice lessons as when you want, as frequently as you want, focused on the goals that you want to achieve.

Proven results

I wouldn't still be working as a voice coach after 18 years if my clients weren't satisfied customers who achieved their goals. Word gets around. Learning is a very personal thing and having someone unlock your potential is precious and sought after.


How much is a                     

You can find all the information about how much voice lessons are on my pricing page.

Are you a

Yes, I am a voice coach near you because I offer voice lessons online. In fact, I was offering online voice coaching back in 2010, way before covid, so I know how to make sessions as good if not better than face to face lessons. Plus, they are way more convenient for you.

Are your programs suitable for children?

Whilst my coaching is with adults, I have an experienced associate who offers tailored programs for children and teenagers to help them improve their speech and communication skills. Email me and I'll put you in touch.

How do I book a                       session?

Go to my contact page and either complete a form, send me an email or give me a call.

Still have a question?

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Free guides and resources

What are you waiting for?

Take charge of your voice and speak with the ease, confidence and clarity that is rightly yours. It's your time to have your voice heard, get that promotion or forge that relationship. Give me a call or see which of my services is right for you.

Ashley's knowledge and obvious passion for this craft inspired and motivated me to give 100% effort during our sessions. I was thrilled to have a tool box of techniques which I could use in terms of breathing, emphasis and pace. I found that not only is Ashley a brilliant speech coach, he is also a thoroughly lovely man who I would reservation.


Jane Gray

Master NLP practitioner

coach and licensed DICS Trainer

I wanted to get ride of my native accent. We have started from the basic sounds of the English language, followed by words, sentences intonation and stress. Every step of the way, Ashley was able to point out mistakes, sometimes very subtle ones, (as an online voice coach I was often surprised by his ability to detect them over zoom!) and make me understanding how to produce the correct sounds and intonation. I found our sessions extremely helpful.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ashley over the last few months to learn how to train my voice, enhance my speaking capabilities and modulate my accent. I was quite impressed by your professionalism right from the start. It would be a delight to work with you again.


Dr Jayaram

Consultant Psychiatrist


Alessandro S

IBM Research


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