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Ashley has been a speaking voice coach for 15+ years.

He has an MA in Voice Coaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

He's a published author and mentor.

He has worked with people just like you, from all around the world.

He's based in Gloucestershire, but coaches globally online.

Ashley Howard Speaking Voice Coach

What clients say about Ashley...

Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard Speaking Voice Coach

Jane Gray, Master NLP practitioner, coach and licensed DICS Trainer

“Ashley's knowledge and obvious passion for this craft inspired and motivated me to give 100% effort during our sessions. I was thrilled to have a tool box of techniques which I could use in terms of breathing, emphasis and pace. I found that not only is Ashley a brilliant voice coach, he is also a thoroughly lovely man who I would reservation.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard Speaking Voice Coach

Alessandro S, IBM Research, Italian

“I wanted to get ride of my native accent. We have started from the basic sounds of the English language, followed by words, sentences intonation and stress. Every step of the way, Ashley was able to point out mistakes, sometimes very subtle ones, (I was often surprised by his ability to detect them over Skype!) and make me understanding how to produce the correct sounds and intonation. I found our sessions extremely helpful.” 


Client Testimonial for Ashley Howard Speaking Voice Coach

Dr Jayaram, Consultant Psychiatrist Indian

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last few months to enhance my speaking capabilities and modulate my accent. I was quite impressed by your professionalism right from the start. It would be a delight to work with you again.” 


Old Fashioned Brass Compass Speaking Voice Coach


Do you know someone who speaks with clarity, impact and confidence?

Want to sound the same?

The route to achieve this goal is different for everyone.

Click below to start yours...


One-size-fits-all courses don't work. Join a tailor-made course that focuses on your specific needs and helps you in the way that you want to learn, to develop your voice, speech or pronunciation.

Find out about Ashley's bespoke courses and find one that's a perfect fit for you.

wooden 3D puzzle Speaking Voice Coach
Old Fashioned Cashier Till Speaking Voice Coach

"Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess," says billionaire Richard Branson.

And business magnate Warren Buffett believes that investing in communication skills can massively increase professional value and make you a cash asset.

Find out how you and your business or organisation can maximise this essential skill and increase your bottom line.






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